unifii About Us

unifii was founded to help people. Our mission is to share the best, unbiased wealth building strategies, tools and principles that both protect and grow wealth. We are a team of specialists in the financial publishing field.


Ron Montaruli, Chief Executive Officer

Ron Montaruli is the Chief Executive Officer of the unifii Corporation. He holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce specializing in Finance and Marketing. Ron has a very keen understanding of the traditional and digital financial markets and is passionate about helping others learn how to succeed in these markets. As an Executive for 2 different billion dollar global enterprises, over the past 18 years as an Executive Ron has obtained a very diverse understanding of what it takes to start a global company and create momentum throughout all markets while respecting and sometimes developing a unified culture. While serving others in the direct sales industry, Ron has had the privilege of leading organizations in English, French and Spanish in 26 different countries.



David Dewar, Chief Technology Officer

David Dewar is the Chief Technology Officer for unifii Corporation. He holds a BA and a BSc. David's technology career spans 20+ years with a focus in cloud and mobile analytics. He has held executive and technology leadership positions at large and small enterprises such as IBM, Cognos and Kinaxis. David is also a published author in the science category and has contributed to many patents and inventions. He has spent many years designing and developing data visualization, data analysis, business intelligence and financial planning systems. David has a keen interest in helping people understand information for better decision making.



John Kinnear, Chief Marketing Officer

John Kinnear is the Chief Marketing Officer for unifii corporation. John has over 20 years in the direct sales industry. He has been instrumental in the successful launch of multiple global companies. John has a passion for helping others reach their business and financial goals. He coaches and speaks to global audiences around the world. John is an expert in the field of marketing and sales. John’s number one goal is to spread the word about unifii and to help others learn how to duplicate success.



Troy Chambers, Director of Training Operations

Troy Chambers has been a passionate Forex trader for over 16 years. Coupled with an almost obsessive curiosity to breakdown and understand things he is passionate about, he has been able to do extremely well over his professional lifetime as a trader. His strong desire for constant and never-ending improvement and dedication to study allows his trading to progressively improve as new information and opportunity present themselves. Opportunity recently presented itself with a new institutional minded strategy used in VIP Global FX and although challenging for most, including seasoned professionals, Troy has been able to adapt with incredible success. Troy’s enthusiasm for personal growth and his desire to help others succeed has been essential in preparing him for his latest professional challenge as Director of Training Operations at unifii. Passionate learners can make passionate teachers, and this is certainly the case for Troy. unifii members will have the opportunity to work directly with him in our Telegram Group Learning rooms and learn from his regular Week In Review signal videos series.


Natu Myers, Director of Blockchain Analysis

Natu Myers is the Director of Blockchain Analysis for unifii corporation. Natu has a practical passion for business and technology. After graduating from computer science at Queen's University, he participated in the university's business incubator program, won a programming competition in San Francisco at TechCrunch, and built large-scale software applications at various companies and startups. Natu is a certified blockchain expert and cryptocurrency investor. He is passionate about helping businesses adapt to blockchain technology with his institutional-grade cryptocurrency analytic system. Natu’s goal is to provide information, research and education to help a global audience succeed with best in class crypto-assets.